In 1981, Mike Diamond, Adam Yauch, Kate Schellenbach and John Berry came together to form The Beastie Boys. The group began playing in underground clubs in New York. In 1982, the Beastie Boys released the EP Wog Stew. That same year, the band met Adam Horovitz, who was at the time, in his own band, the Young and the Useless. Schellenbach and Berry had both quit the band by 1983 to move into other bands. Adam Horovits joined the band and they released the single Cookie Puss based on a prank phone call they made to an ice cream store. This single immediately became a hit in the New York underground. By early 1994, the Beastie Boys had converted from punk to rap. Their first album, Licensed to Ill turned out to be the top rap album of the '80s. The next cds that came out were Paul's Boutique, Check Your Head, and III Communication. These cds redefined the Beastie Boys' attitude, and style. It was several years untill the next Beastie Boys cd, as they took a break to focus on business. Their next release was 1997's Aglio E Olio, the Hardcore EP. They also released a soul-jazz-funk instrumental album, The in Sound From Way Out.
Finally, this summer, their long-awaited fifth complete cd, Hello Nasty was released. This cd has charted #1 on countdowns, and in record stores. Keep it going, beasties!!

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