The Internet and Computers:

How they have influenced my life

~*A Student's View of Communications Technology*~

 Ever since I was young, I've had a computer. It started out with an Atari that my Dad had in our basement. He was always working on it, and I always used to watch. I found that I had, even at that young an age, a great liking for computers. I used to play games, type things (I don't even think I could spell too well yet), and just sit and watch my Dad working on things.

 When my parents divorced, my Dad bought my brother, Oliver a computer. I always used to bother Oliver so that he would let me play on his computer. So he did every once in a while, but I could never watch him or anything. Whenever I went over to visit my Dad, I'd watch him instead of Oliver because I felt that Oliver was really boring.

 When I was around 6 years old, my Dad bought me an Atari, and I'd never leave it. I did all of my schoolwork on it, I played games, I loved it.

When I was about 8 years old, my mom bought us a Packard Bell computer. It was really bad. All I did was play "Wheel of Fortune" and "Centipede" and this motorcycle game. I got bored really quickly with that, so I asked my Dad if he'd "soup" it up for me. He did, except he rebuilt it into a brand new IBM 486. It was quite a change! The only things left from the Packard Bell were the monitor, and the disk drive.

 A few years later, my Dad changed the computer into a Pentium, and he put the Internet on. This was one of the most exciting things that I'd ever experienced. TONS of information right at my fingertips, literally. I did all of my schoolwork on the computer, using the Internet as my number one source of information. I had a computer that was top of the line, and I used it constantly.

 With the Internet, I've found that I know much more, because if I'm ever wondering about something, whether it be history, information about certain companies, music group information, or even celebrity photos, it's all there. I feel that it lets me be intertwined with the rest of the world, that the millions of miles are only a matter of seconds. And now with a great percentage of the population with computers that are hooked up to the Internet, it's almost like we're all linked together. Just like a telephone, except a thousand times better. Not only can we talk to a relative or a friend over the Internet, but also we can talk to MANY at the same time! And we can search for just about ANY topic, and find five to ten, or more pages that are about it.


 I believe that in the near future, the Internet will become as popular as the telephone. Just like the telephone, it will have its own line, hooked into every home. I believe that every household will have at LEAST one or two computers. Personally, I have two (one at my house, one at my Dad's house), my brother has one, and my Dad has one. The only one not hooked up to the Internet is mine, but the computer is certainly enough. I love it. I believe that the computer is the most important, fundamental piece of technology in our society. Pretty much EVERYTHING (non-obsolete, and obsolete as well!) is run by a computer. Without computers and the Internet, we would probably still be using the ol' pen and Morse code! At least I would!

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