BlueJays vs. White Sox

Friday, April 17, 1998 photo gallery


These are all MY pictures, I took them, I uploaded them, etc. BUT if you'd really like to use them somehow e-mail me and ask me permission please k? Thanks.


1. Shawn Green: at bat

2. Shawn Green: at bat

3. Shawn Green: at bat

4. Shawn Green: About to swing

5. Shawn Green: On base

6. Shawn Green: on base

7. Shawn Green: on base, before stealing 2nd, with sb stats

8. Roger Clemens: top 4th, 2 out, 3-1 pitch, looking for the sign

9. Roger Clemens: looking for the sign, with stats

10. Roger Clemens: about to pitch

11. Roger Clemens: getting ready to pitch

12. Tony Fernandez: just standing around

13. Darrin Fletcher: standing around

14. Alex Gonzalez: at bat, with stats

15. Alex Gonzalez: waiting for the pitch

16. Alex Gonzalez: on base

17. Alex Gonzalez: on base, pulling at his gloves

18. Shannon Stewart: getting ready for the 1-1 pitch

19. Shannon Stewart : getting ready for the next pitch

20. Tony Fernandez: at the plate

21. Darrin Fletcher: with his catching gear on

22. Mike Stanley: up to bat

23. Shawn Green: getting ready to bat

24. Shawn Green: at bat

*thanks to cbc for allowing me to post these pictures*

London, Ontario