My New Pics Page

Hey, and welcome to my NEW pics page. All these pictures were taken during the summer of '98. Mind you, they're all very BAD, but just keep in mind that I don't look like this in real life. :)

These pics are taken of me & each of my friends from BLAST (this camp I went to that trains us to be counsellors.) They look a lot better in real life too.

Have fun laughin'!!

A pic of me & my friend Mike.

A pic of me & my friend Nic.

A pic of me & my friend Kathleen.

A pic of me & my friend Derek.

A pic of me & my friend Richard.

A pic of me & my friend Kate.

Now for some other pictures taken not by me throughout the year.

A BAD pic of my friend Tricia...hehehe if she knew it was here she'd KILL ME!!!!!

A crazy pic of my friends Carrie (top) and Tricia (bottom). Then there's Rob (right).

My pics from Parry Sound.

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