My Oasis Pictures

You wanted em you got em! OASIS PICS!!! Pics of the best band in the world taken from all over the world...Hey if you wanna take any of these pics feel free but give me credit if you're usin em on your page -k-. Thanx a lot and have fun! *Liam is SO hot!*

AwEsOmE pIcS!!

Liam smiling: You wanna see him smile? You got it!
Liam eating chicken with Noel smiling: You wanna see NOEL smile, you got it!
Liam singing: Doing what he does best....
Liam giving the "V": If you're easily offended by offensive gestures don't click here :)
Liam playin soccer: Wow is there anything he can't do??
Liam and Noel: A sweet pic
Liam and Noel: A pic off the cover of the Rolling Stone
Liam singing and Noel playin the guitar: A nice little pic check it out
Liam with his finger in his mouth: An....interesting pic
A huge pic of Liam: A newer pic...nice one....
A pic of the band: A recent pic
The Be Here Now album cover: Oasis' 3rd cd
(What's the Story) Morning Glory? album cover: Oasis' 2nd cd
Definitely Maybe album cover: Oasis' 1st cd (My personal favourite)
Liam: Great pic
Liam: Another great pic
Liam asleep: Yes, it's Liam, Yes he's asleep, YES he has no shirt on.
The band: Doing what they do best, here in Canada.
Liam's face: GREAT PIC you wanna see it I know you do!
Noel and Liam: Aww...this has got to be one of my favourite pics. They're closer than 5 feet and they're not fighting!!!
A good ol pic of the group: Nice pic. You've GOT to have seen it already.
Noel and Liam: Awesome pic of the brothers sitting in front of a pic of them when they were younger.
Noel playing guitar: A pic taken from the Champagne Supernova video.
Noel: Playing guitar at a concert with a million fans
A group hug: Why the heck are they so happy? Cos they're OASIS MAYBE???
Noel: Playin the guitar
Liam: Laying on grass, giving the "v".
Liam: Cute pic of him with a leather hat on.
Noel and Liam: A poster
Noel wearing sunglasses: A pic from a Swedish radio station
Noel: Another pic of him playing his guitar
Liam singing: Doing what he does best
Liam with long hair: Wow his hair is long! He still looks good though...
Noel: Good pic of Noel with a guitar
The group: Awesome pic with Liam in front

You got some Oasis pics for me? REAL GOOD ONES??

Well then e-mail them to me