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My Good-Looking baseball players page
My page to show you that they there to just look good, they're there to KICK BUTT!!!
My page dedicated to the Verve
Check out one of the best bands in Britain
All about me
You wanna know who I am? What I'm into? What my favourite things are? Go here!!!
My pictures
Pics of me, pics of my friends, pics I like, pics I've taken
My Toronto Blue Jays Page
Some other links to Blue Jays sites
My Oasis page
A bunch of stuff on Oasis
You wanted it, you got it!
SIGN IT!!! .....or you die.....
My I Mother Earth page
My tribute to the best Canadian band there was and ever will be...
My Age of Electric page
A page on one of the greatest Canadian bands to rock this planet.
My Days of the New page
Check it out! An awesome band...
My Xena: Warrior Princess page
Check out one of the BEST action shows! :)
My page dedicated to the Verve
Check out one of the best bands in Britain
BlueJay's Place
My chatroom
BlueJay's Place2
My private ParaChat chatroom
Raine's page
An awesome friend of mine's page...go here if you like...ugh *frown* ....Our Lady Peace....
My friend Chris' homepage
If you like Our Lady Peace or Silverchair, here's the place to go.
Shadow's page
Just startin' up.
Icy's page
An awesome page. If you like Sublime go here.
Breeze's homepage
Kate's AWESOME page. Boy has she EVER come a LONG way!
MAX's homepage
My friend Max's page
HBK's homepage
If you like Puffy, Mase, Wu Tang, Wrestling, or anything cool, this is *THE* place to be.
Flea's homepage
My friend Flea's page..check it out
Flash's new homepage
His 3rd homepage. All of 'em are cool!
Much Music
CANADIAN MTV!!!! Where all us Canadians watch the awesome music videos....we don't have MTV but you have Much....that's not fair.....
Alamak Chat
THE coolest place to rocks..check it out.
An awesome site with fun stuff to do.
An awesome site. Chat here. It rocks!
My ICQ pager
Click here to page me and leave me a message
Dale's DX and NWO page
If ya like the stuff, go here. (HBK's kinda page)
Dale's DX and NWO page
If ya like the stuff, go here. (HBK's kinda page)

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A last Hey out to all my palz from this page....

After a not-so-nice comment from HBK, I have decided to start a new homepage. WAIT!!! Don't cry, I'll keep this one up if I can, and I promise that if the other one doesn't work out, I'll come back to this one. I'm not deleting this, so you can still come visit whenever you want. There just won't be too many changes...

If you want to see the beginning of my new page, go here. I hope you like my new page, and I had fun doing this one.



Check out my Love to Hate page!!!!!!!!

Check out my Pics page cause I've updated it!!!

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The Toronto Blue Jays
The Atlanta Braves
The Cleveland Indians
The New York Yankees
I'm stupid, and I think the Marlins will win, cause they kick!!! (or else, I know nothing about baseball)

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Hi and welcome to my page. On this page you will find a bunch of links to my favourite pages around the net and pages made by me. So sit back, have fun, and I hope you like the Toronto Blue Jays! :)


I am a 15-year old girl from London Ontario Canada. I am in grade 9 at Catholic Central Highscool. I LOVE the Toronto Blue Jays and my favourite band is Oasis.

Well I really hope you like my page and a word of advice....VISIT MY LINKS......ALL OF 'EM....or you'll be missing out on a whole world of things you probably otherwise would never know, or see, or hear about... Thanx...and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

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