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Well, it's been a year...and Tripod has FINALLY linked my membership to its new database, so I can update this site!!! Too bad I switched over to Geocities, huh? >:)

If you want to see my NEW page (which isn't as big as this one, but is MUCH more up to date, and better), go to and check it out.

I found *the* most amazing new band in the world!!! I was on, and I searched for bands that sound like Weezer, and I found KounterTop, a band that sounds like Eve 6 AND Weezer (supposedly...I think they sound like Eve 6 and...hmm...Weezer I guess, cept a little calmer!) Anyways they're a band from Iowa. 3 people aged 17, 17 and 19. They sent me a cd and I just got it today!!! I tell you, they're AMAZING!!! Go check them out at there page!!! Just click here. To hear some of their music from, click here. They're really cool guys, with GREAT music!

Looking for a kick - @$$ e-mail provider? I HAVE ONE OF MY OWN!!!! And if you like the Jays, or baseball, or just want to make me extremely happy, sign up for it!!! It's Go here to SIGN UP!!!

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Right now I'd like to take the time to thank FiReANT for helping me with all this fancy frame stuff. Without him I'd be stuck with boring old quickpage and then my page wouldn't kick @$$!!! Thank you!!! :)

If you wanna see my old one go here.

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