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My I Mother Earth Page

My page dedicated to one of *the* best bands in the world, my fave Canadian band, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I Mother Earth.

~*~*~*~*~ The Band: ~*~*~*~*~

Edwin - Vocals

Jagori Tanna - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Bruce Gordon - Bass

Christian Tanna - Drums

~*~*~*~ This band has made 2 cds that have been very popular in Canada ~*~*~*~

Dig - released Spring 1993

Scenery and Fish - released Fall 1995


Sadly, earlier on this year the band and the lead singer, Edwin, decided to go their seperate ways ... Edwin will be coming out with a solo cd late 1997/early 1998.

When I heard this it broke my heart and I'm about to start crying making this of the most talented bands there ever was.... Whenever I hear the words I Mother Earth or hear a song or see a pic I think of the great band they were and always will be remembered as... and it brings a tear to my eye...Such good music...

Well I hope after seeing this page maybe you want to learn more about the band or hear some sounds or can do all that...PLEASE do....go to their official page...just click on the link to the side...